Greg Lindberg’s Favorite Halloween Movies

Greg Lindberg


Feel the spirit in the air? With Halloween just around the corner, the holiday is a perfect excuse to watch a scary movie. Greg Lindberg is a big fan of horror movies. In fact, he has attended several horror film festivals, so he could watch some of the older films on the big screen.


For those who enjoy a good scare, or want the family to see some of the best in the genre, Greg Lindberg “digs up,” a list of his favorites. Beware, he cautions, some may be too scary for children.  But, they’ll have plenty of time to be scared out of their wits when they get older.


Casper (1995)


A movie the kids will enjoy. Briefly, Casper is a boy-ghost, who lives in a huge house with his three uncles, who are also ghosts. Casper is a friendly ghost, who enjoys the company of others. His uncles, however, do not. When a psychiatrist and his daughter are hired to purge the home of the ghosts, and to live there while doing so, hijinks ensue. For its time, Casper is a cute and funny Halloween movie, with some decent special effects.


Hocus Pocus (1993)


This is one the entire family will like. The story is about three witches, who come back to life after 300 years. In order to stay alive and retain their immortality, the hags must find and sacrifice a child. Yet, it is up to the children, who resurrected the witches to stop them. While the film may sound quite dark, it is actually very funny and filled with over-the-top jokes.


Halloween (1978)


A Halloween film festival is not complete, without the movie Halloween on the list! This classic slasher-flick from Director John Carpenter spawned many sequels, but the original remains the best. Halloween is the tale of a man, now in an institution, who seeks revenge for the “one who got away,” during his murder spree when he was just a child. This is a movie to watch, after the kids go to bed. It is as scary now, as it was 39-years ago.


Anything by legendary Director Alfred Hitchcock


Psycho is Greg Lindberg’s favorite. Who else, but Hitchcock would kill-off the star halfway through the film?

After watching, you’ll probably not take a shower for a while.  Yet, says Greg Lindberg, there are other Hitchcock film on his list, including Rear Window and Vertigo. Hitchcock knew how to play with the audience’s emotions. No film director was better at creating suspense than him. For the movie enthusiast looking for a film that will always keep them on the edge of their seat, Alfred Hitchcock is the director to check out.